About 2B

Hi, there! Welcome to my portfolio page. My name is Branislav Bugarcic.

Now when you know my name, it is not hard to understand what 2B means - it means 2B me. I am self-thought web developer. After successful career as a teacher of Serbian language and literature in Belgrade (Serbia) I decided to fulfill my wish and become a developer. Therefore in 2015 I moved to Berlin, one of leading cities in European tech scene.

My current focus is on JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap. From backend side of my story under my belt I have experience with PHP and with success finished some projects coded in C.
I set my eyes on knowledge that will enable me 2B full stack web developer.


Tribute page

Page deducated to the life and legacy of Nikola Tesla.

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Pomodoro Clock

Timer based on Pomodoro time managment method.
HTML5 CSS3 JS jQuery

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JavaScript calculator

Cool retro JavaScript calculator.

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I am available for hiring. I want to help people build great products, learn and grow together. I am open for interesting projects and remote work. If you want to work with self-driven and motivated person, contact me.

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